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Transitional Kitchens

1. Transitional kitchens offer flexibility and choice for a homeowner trying to incorporate elements of contemporary, modern or traditional kitchens to make the perfect space.

2. Transitional kitchens generally feature cabinets that have a low profile with simple wood paneled doors and hardware fixtures. It is common to see a mix of man-made and natural elements.

3. Minimal ornamentation. This includes some onlays, corbels or millwork detail throughout the kitchen but not enough that it is mistaken with a traditional kitchen.

4. Natural surfaces. Most transitional spaces incorporate natural surfaces like granite and marble with simple edging. At Magnum Kitchens, we can help you choose the natural surface that best fits your needs.

5. Add texture. Most transitional spaces work with visible wood grain, counter designs and unique tiles. It is a perfect opportunity to use backsplash tiles in glass, stone or ceramic to add texture to the space and create a focal point for the room.

6. Neutral colours. Most transitional kitchens rely on clean, neutral colours that still leave a kitchen feeling warm. These colours work well with man-made finishes like a stainless steel refrigerator or light pendant.

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